Five Spanish speaking Vlogs you need in your life


This is the Immerse guide to five Vlogs you need to be watching if you are learning Spanish. We are not claiming that by solely watching these you will become fluent, however, if you want to be seriously entertained, learn about various cultures and travel, I can’t think of a better way to spend 10 minutes a day!

First up is Luis Comunica. This guy is absolutely brilliant, and with over 4 million subscribers, I am clearly not alone in thinking this.┬áThe young Mexican who can make even the most mundane of videos look exciting (I was even glued to the screen when he was talking about his metro adventures) This either tells you something about my state of boredom or the flare that Luisito brings to the screen. For the sake of saving face, let’s just agree that it is his flare. If you are looking to understand the difference between cheap and expensive food in Mexico, or what it is like to stay in a $16,000 a night hotel, this is the guy to watch! He also just met the Mexican President, which is testament to the great work that he is doing.

He speaks fast with a little bit of Mexican slang thrown in, so don’t worry if you don’t understand everything! Check him out here:

Next up is BERTH OH! A fellow Mexican and friend of Luisito (you will see Luisito in many of BERTH OH!’s videos) His pranks such as El Peor Rapero del Mundo are fantastic. Embarrassment is not a word this guy understands. Just watch this video and admire the disgust of his fellow metro riders.

Again he speaks rather fast and with a lot of Mexican slang, so it will take some getting used to. Check it out here:

Third is Alanxelmundo and avid traveler who shows off his adventures from Jordan to Mexico with three weekly vlogs. If you are looking for variety, this is your man – although try not to get too jealous of his lifestyle. I found his video “Mitos sobre Hostales” extremely useful! He goes into a lot of depth on each country he visits. However, it isn’t all about the tips, those visual vibes will catch you off guard! Alanexelmundo knows how to live. If you are looking for authentic local travel videos while learning Spanish, this is the channel for you.

His description of Jordan at the beginning of this video is fantastic!

Alex Tienda is the penultimate choice. With 3 vlogs a week you won’t be lost for content! This dude is crazy, lost and loving every minute of it. His enthusiasm for everything he is doing is unparalleled. His enthusiasm may be a bit much for a hungover morning, but if you are looking for a pick me up and a little inspiration, watching one of his vlogs will immediately fill you with more of a zest for life.

He speaks incredibly fast but no mumbling. You will learn a lot watching his vlogs. This vlog of him homeless in New York shows he knows how to hustle and make the most out of a bad situation!

Last but not least we have LuzuVlogs. These are slightly more mellow than Mr Tienda’s but that does not mean to say that they are any less watchable. I cannot explain how good the editing on some of his videos are. A Casey Neistat/Ben Brown channel all in Spanish! His entire surfing USA section is awesome, granted that is probably because I am a surfing fanatic, but you simply must check it out. Inspire yourself to travel more while learning Spanish at the same time with these videos.

So there we are. A quick guide to watching vlogs in Spanish. All of these channels are on Immerse, so be sure to check them out and Immerse yourselves in language!


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