Spanish Language Film of the Week: Relatos Salvajes


If anyone asks me for a Spanish language film recommendation, I will invariably tell them to watch the Oscar nominated Relatos Salvajes. It’s one of the cleverest, funniest, and most disturbing films you’re likely to see this year. Without wanting to give any spoilers away, the film is comprised of 6 short, unrelated films, set in completely different locations, all united by the themes of violence and revenge. The stories tend to start off quite mundanely and then descend into mayhem, and the intense atmosphere that Szifron creates often makes you feel like you’re watching something directed by the Coen Brothers or Quentin Tarantino.

The film is in Argentinian Spanish, which means the accents can sound a little strange at first, but in general the dialogue of the film isn’t too difficult to follow, especially if you can find a version with Spanish subtitles!

¡Descubrí tu lado salvaje!

Miles Rowland